Ietwat_gedateerd_rapgae_mixie (april 2008)

No real story to this one. A lot of slow rap/reggae/other stuff and a gabbersoca blaqstarr remix and an edited myspace diplo rip to finish things off.

Biff_joe_bday_mix_08 (june 2008)

A mix in honour of my friends Jogging Joe and Biff aka Griff aka Potenshall Luva. With an opener like the one in here there is of course no slippin and the wazari rudebwoys agreed. Premiere of this one was in a buckwild car ride from Aloha in Wijk aan Zee to the double A town via Damsco. Ingeborg if you read this holla at us we fell in <3 with you.

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Les Amateurs De Vinyl - The Mixe (januari 2008)

When I came up with the idea to make a Les amateurs de vinyl mixtape Big C and Fresh Company agreed to send me some tracks and let me try to d.i.y. them together. The kind people at freshcotton liked it and put it on their site as a 'freshtunes' which was really cool.

Artwork by Freshco.

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Freshcotton DJ Contest Mix (august 2007)

As a newfound proud owner of a pioneer cdj1200-mk3 cd player i felt obliged to force myself to put my neurotic shyness aside and enter a mixtape contest organised by I finished it too late to enter the contest but it was still in time to mark the official start of the great vinyl - cd - vinyl - cd - vinyl - cd etc period although i have to admit i secretly snuk in a small all cool edit section in the middle. Especially note the big elected remix and the brilliant pioneer solo at the end of the jon e cash riddim.

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Cool Edit Mix With Griff (July 2005)

Fresh off the plane from a 4 month stay in the big LDN I of course needed to show off with my new records. Too bad I only had one turntable, forcing me to transform my enthousiasm for dutch and uk rap to something longer than three minutes entirely in Cool Edit.  I don't know if you ever tried to mix two tunes properly in this piece of software, but this is a painstakingly annoying nuisance… As far as music is  concerned I especially like the Delic break at the end of the Opgeduveld tune. Big up to Griff for his reggie selekshan. Also big up to Crit for never finishing his verse over the warpspeed riddim.

Dedicated to Peter Quistgard

Artwork by Griff


Cool Edit mix with Griff (direct link)

biff_joe_bday_mix_08 (direct link)

Freshcotton mix (direct link)

DIY08 (january 2009)

As promotion for my website I made a lo-fi mix of some of the tunes I liked in the ol 08. It's called DIY08 because DIY-ing (DIY=Do It Yourself) was more or less the theme of 2008 for me. I made a silly music video, a website, the mix artwork (big word) and some edits, blends and dubs you can hear in the mix (all with the help of my friends). The mix starts off on a somewhat serious tip after which it goes from rap to some weird house tunes to some more stuff. It was mixed using a timecode vinyl system I got from Big C a.k.a. AnOnIeMpJe 2000, thanks for that!! The tracklist can be found here. I hope you enjoy the mix and like my site!

Hard Rock Knocka Mix (October 2009)

It was about time I made a little rock-like mix. A while ago I heard this nice Flat Beat cover by some Danish guys called Whomadewho and I already knew that cool Remember me cover so that was a good start. The Faint kicks of a more uptempo part which morphs into some Baltimore/rocky/housy-like musicoids. Did I even put the Cardigans in there!?

Carnival09Minimix (September 2009)

I love the Notting Hill Carnival! I think it was 2006 when went for the first time and the 2009 edition once again was massive so I made a minimix with some of the tunes that were big this year and some stuff I bought in one of the wonderful MVE’s (2nd hand record stores). Expect Caribean flavors like reggae, dancehall & soca & watch out for bottles flying around.

NumberNineMinimix (August 2009)

Numbernine is a clothing shop in the city of Haarlem of which one of the owners is a good friend of mine. In August ’09 he organized a beachparty in Zandvoort where we were playing. The party was nice and afterwards I decided to make a little mix with some of the tunes that were and weren’t played.

SonicBoomBerlinGroudloopMix (July 2009)

In the summer of ’09 the infamous BatsKrew went on a skateboarding trip and I decided to join them. The trip was fun and I got some inspiration at a party and in a local recordstore. Also around this time we had to play at the Sonic Boom party in the Sugar Factory so I made a mix of all the tunes involved in these adventures in one way or another. The mix was made with my timecode vinyl thingies and because I still don’t have a proper soundcard there’s an annoying groundloop-like hum in the audio but I hope you won’t be annoyed as much by this as I am. Enjoy!

Minimix Lucy’s Bday (March 2009)

A couple of years ago we were playing in the town of Eindhoven and I met a cool girl named Lucy. She probably liked our tunes so she asked us to play at her birthday although there was not really any proper equipment… In the end the party was really fun with us playing Beyonce from youtube twice in a row. This little mix however is my first attempt to make a live mix in Ableton from the tunes I originally selected to play at Lucy’s party. Basically I reused a lot of tunes from older mixes and also jacked some stuff from the mighty Elected. The mixing occasionally is a bit crappy but if you watch out for the Santogold O.D. you just might like it. Oh and I actually don’t know why I called it a minimix…

Swurdin Porntape (October 2009)

After hearing my DIY09 mix Rory from SWURDIN asked me to mix together some dirty  tunes for his idea: the Porntape. I thought it would be a good idea to make this a Les Amateurs de Vinyl/SWURDIN project so that’s what we did. It took quite some time to agree on the tracklist but in the end I think none of us alone could have imagined, let alone produced, such a freakazoid of a mixtape. Enjoy!

DiscoIbizaMix (November 2009)

The idea for this one was to make something like a disco mix. Well, starting with an old electro classic doesn’t sound really clever then, does it. The way it came out is okay for me though. I only had to edit three of my mixes so it’s actually a quite nice ‘Live from my bedroom’ impression.

Ciccionina Mix (December 2009)

The first time the Amateurs blessed Delft in full force was in a small club called Ciccionina. Being given the ability to represent on my home turf made me wanna put some extra effort in the promotion in the form of a small mix of some of the stuff we play. Judging by the positive feedback and the pics it payed off!

Sunbath, a Summer Mixtape (August 2010)

We donedidit again. Freshco came with some obscure tracks, some less obscure tracks and a flock of birds and asked me if I could mix this together with minimal effort. Which I did. After that I spent way too much time trying to make it sound a bit better which resulted in some awesomely futuristic looking screenprints, an obsession with Finland and a chilled out summer mixtape for y’all to enjoy!

Revert95 Mixe (October 2010)

For Revert’s 15th birthday Friso and Sebas and I selected some tracks and I put them together in this mix. There’s some old rock stuff, some 90’s rock, some beats, some emo stuff and the usual randomness to make it less classical. By the way it was a real honour to be able to do this because those old tapes Elected made for Revert are really among the best mixes I know together with some of these Spinbad and old Diplo creations!

Wake Up (February 2011)

I’m a audiophile and hope to make some good music eventually. This is a little mix with a little something of everything, rock, house pop and two tunes which were recorded with ma’am Beatriz Colette. The artwork is performed by L’Artiste Freshcó.


Gossé de Skater - Wake Up (Mediafire link)

Sunbath 2011 (August 2011)

Last year Fresh Company and myself made a summer mix called Sunbath, this year we made Sunbath 2011. Expect some 60s and 70s rock, some smoothness, even some bossa nova, but mainly some summer vibes.

Bat Country - Casa Rosso Sessions (June 2012)

Bat Country is a four man band who make music which sounds like a crossover between Sonic Youth and Led Zeppelin. I recorded and mixed four songs of them in their former practice space called ‘Casa Rosso’ with a borrowed soundcard. Nevertheless, or maybe even because of that, the result was sounding nice and dirty. The track ‘Still Ballin’ even made it to the Luisterpaal in the ‘Hollandsche Nieuwe’ section, a selection of up and coming Dutch artists.

Sunbath 2012 (October 2012)

Sunbath 2012 is a mix of tunes with a laidback summer vibe, from soul to hiphop, from xylophone to strings.

By Fresh Company and Gossé de Skater.

Sunbath 2013 (October 2013)

Sun, sea, cocktails, bikinis, old and new smooth tunes compiled and mixed by Fresh Company and Gossé de Skater.

Sunbath 2014 (September 2014)

Love, drum breaks, cocktails, guitars and happiness, all in mixtape form. Compiled and mixed by Fresh Company and Gossé de Skater for the world to enjoy.

Sunbath 2015 (October 2015)

A spiritual treatment of sun, obscureness and ornithology. By Fresh Company and myself.

Sunbath 2016 (September 2016)

Best listened in a hammock between two palm trees. By Fresh Company and myself.

Sunbath 2017 (November 2017)

Sunbath 2017 is here! Another dreamy mixtape full of endless guitar fiddling, cracking drums, sunshine and some birds.

By Fresh Company and myself.