The winner of the 2010 Nobel price in physics, Andre Geim, once explained that much of his well-known research was done on Friday nights just messing around with the equipment at the lab. Inspired by this I did the same, using our lab’s high speed camera, and made a little movie. Stockholm here I come!

Friday Night Kickflip

For school our class had to make some video presentation thingie with our newly acquired laptops. The best way to introduce myself is of course through my 2007 smash hit, ‘Skater Anthem’. So we went to Big C’s place and rapped a bit on office chairs, in front of cars and running behind a bike driven by Fresh Company with Big C filming with the laptop on the rear seat. Of course the result looked shitty but it happens to be the case that I know Floppo. After he resaturationalised the colors the result looks as below. Cheers!

Skater Anthem video