Gossé de Skater Biography

Gosse is, first and foremost, a skater, hence the name Gosse de Skater.

The earliest memory I have of Gosse is from a skateboarding contest at "Het Pleintje" in Heemstede-Aerdenhout, the Atlantis of skateboarding. The bell rang to mark the end of his run but ignoring this Gosse was still trying for his ender, the crescendo of his performance. I don't quite remember the trick but it needed to be built right then right there because that is just what he does, he builds things. Many a day has been spent attempting to land just that hammer, often not even to be recorded on film but rather solely for the sake of building the trick. Gosse doesn’t speak much of his early youth, but word on the street is that he grew up as a bit of a hoodlum, scaring off the kids from his turf like a true gangster. However, his gang of friends started exploring things like skateboarding and graffiti and Gosse soon thereafter found himself peace on his board and after a little encouragement from his parents did pretty well in his scholarly pursuits. De Skater ended up a fine young man after all.

De Skater, soon to be Dr. de Skater (I do hope that is what it's going to say on his lab coat) is a professional scientist. As a child he was heavily struck by the theme song of Alfred Jodokus Kwak, and has ever since aspired to study the wonders of drops of water. On the average rainy Dutch afternoon, most people moan about the weather, except for Gosse. Hours upon hours he spends sitting by his window like some sort of Rain Man, watching every drop sliding down the glass windows. He gives them names, tells them stories and mourns their evaporation. He initially trained to be a rocket scientist, but this didn't turn out to be as exciting as water droplets. Luckily for him, the world actually pays him to study this, so his obsession can be his profession.

As a creative hobby, Gosse has been a DJ since 2006, which is when he founded the super group Les Amateurs de Vinyl with two of his close friends Big C and Fresh Company. As an amateur de vinyl, and a pro de cd, he likes to put on a song and then laugh really hard at himself because it’s the fourth time he plays it. Even though his DJ career has been a major success so far, he recently told me that he doesn't really like it much anymore. He is more devoted to his recent endeavors as a music producer and aspiring musician. My theory is that ever since he found a guy in his DJ-booth enjoying the better end of a blow job after a mere 10 minutes of playing a few songs on Gosse's desks, he felt a bit heartbroken. What Gosse has been trying to accomplish for years, this man achieved in just a matter of minutes. Fuck the wheels of steel, back to science.

To share with you his likes and dislikes, adventures, productions and inventions, De Skater has his own page on the World Wide Web, on which you're likely to be reading this short little biography. It's about music, skateboarding, science, graphics and the occasional party and is the creative outlet for De Skater. It's been up and running for a couple of years now and has enjoyed occasional updates. If you like the aforementioned topics, check up on this blog and keep an eye out for Gosse.

Written by Dirk Meulenbelt.